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March 2011 Social Meeting

We're meeting at the Peculier Pub (145 Bleecker St, near LaGuardia Pl http://www.peculierpub.com ) at 6:30pm on Monday the 7th of March for drinks and discussion.

See you there!

Regular monthly meetings (for various values of "regular")(Which, lately has meant "anything but regular...")

We used to generally get together the third Thursday of the month, formerly often at Evolution Online Systems (34 W. 17th Street, 2nd fl.). Bringing food/drink/toys/whatever... Lately things have been a lot less predictable.

Old News (from here on down, you're in the dim and distant past... if you try to go to these meetings, you will be disappointed.)

Confound your enemies! Confuse your friends!

For May, the "third" Thursday is again actually the fourth... April Fools day didn't count, you see. Ok, maybe not... So, we'll be meeting at at d.b.a. - 41 First Avenue, between 2nd and 3rd Streets (...and looky here: a map!) - at 7:30pm (although some might show up early...) on Thursday the 27th of May. From there, we will most likely move on to dinner somewhere. See you there.

May bonus attraction: Good beer and other forms of alcohol. If you don't drink, we can always talk about The Phantom Menace or something...

Failed experiment

(The following had such potential, but the weather and time of year were, it seems, against us...)

Alert! Emergency drink-a-thon!

Place now determined!

Due to special circumstances (i. e. someone suggested it), some ny.pm'ers shall be heading out for a pre-holiday imbibing session.

Time seems to be about 7pm on Thursday Dec 24, at d.b.a. - 41 First Avenue, between 2nd and 3rd Streets. For more info on d.b.a., check out <http://www.nycbeer.org/site.cgi?taste+dba>.

Hope to see you all there!

Done There, Been That



We'll be anticipating the Premeire of the new Godzilla at Evolution Online Systems. Just an informal gathering of Perl hackers. Soda, ice & cups provided by Evo, everything else you need to bring. There are lots of delis in the area if you want to pick something up.

  • Where: 34 W. 17th St., 2nd floor. Between 5th & 6th Aves. Ring the bottom buzzer, come up in the back elevator to the second floor.
  • When: Tuesday, May 19th around 7:30 p.m.
  • What:
    • a special MST3K version of Godzilla
    • More Dancing Chihuahuas!
    • Comparison of Leatherman and Gerber tools
    • Imitation Godzilla Roar Competition

Godzilla Premeire

A caravan of Perl Hackers will be going to see Godzilla on May 20th. No big whoop.

Godzilla is a registered trademark of Toho Co., and that's okay with us.